Monday, March 9, 2009

start to IEP journey

Tomorrow is the first step in our road to an IEP. Jailynn tunrs 3 May 31st and will be booted from the Infant and Toddlers program. Tomorrow morning is our phone conference call with the Baltimore City School System. From what I was told the phone thing is not much and after that they will send us a letter with a date for our real IEP meeting.
Im also trying to figure out how we can fit other things in with all this darn therapy Jailynn will be getting.


Kelly said...

Juggling schedules is ALWAYS tricky with therapies. I have to set Abby's therapies first, and then the other kids' activities can go around them. Creates a lot of conflict sometimes.

Jane Stefanik said...

If anyone can juggle schedules - it is YOU! Holly, you are a ROCK! I haven't forgotten you guys, my days are running into each other with tax season....I check Jailynn's blog everyday and am so excited to hear her progress! I can't wait to see you guys soon!!!