Sunday, March 8, 2009

hurry spring we are ready!

the warm weather! Its an antidepressent. I swear .I have been way happier than normal the past 3 days. Im am so sad for it to get cold again. I havent watched the news for 3 days but i know its March and not really spring yet. Today jailynn woke up in a fantastic mood too. She ate a ton at Friendlys for breakfast then we went to Party City and she didnt get cranky or cry the whole time. Normally shopping after breakfast is a no go with her. She really dislikes shopping all together, she hates it when the cart stops, it must move forward with no interuptions to keep her happy. Whcih really makes it hard to shop, which is why I normally grocery shop by myself.
Later we let jailynn walk around in the back yard and swing on her swing set. I really meant to take the dogs for a good walk but i didn't now I feel bad.
Our friends Rick and Kristy invited us over. We never really get to hang out with them much. Their daughter is a few months younger than Jailynn. We had tacos for dinner at their house. I brought mini cupcakes for dessert. Jailynn had a good time walking aorund and smiling and blowing kisses. Their daughter Izzie cried when it was time for jailynn to leave. We told her she could come to our house soon and slide on the slide and swing on the swingset. She was pleased with that.

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