Saturday, February 27, 2010

So Far So Good

Jailynn has been totally depakote free for several days and she seems to being doing just fine! Just being her silly little self!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Jailynn is now completely Depakote free. Last year at this time she was on 3 meds. She is now down to just one, Tegretol chewables 2 twice a day. In about 6 months herneuro may taper that. She is doing very well.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

1 year post op!

Jailynn's hemispherectomy was over 1 year ago. February 5th, 2009 was her surgery date. Her last seizure was Feb. 24th, 2009 which we think was a result of the surgery trauma (that also happens to be my mother's birthday). So hopefully on the 25th of this month we can celebrate 1 year seizure free. As of the 21st of this month Jailynn will be completely done with Depakote Sprinkles. Then she will just has tegretol chewables for about 6 months and they we can try to wean those.
She has come so far in a year. This time last year she was not walking. She was still sedated and drugged up. Now she is running and thinks it is funny to run the other way when I call her. She is in school and loving it. She knows so many more words and loves to sing songs. She remembers every song! She loves to dance, play babies, barbies and play kitchen.

Unfortunately Jailynn hates snow and we have had 2 blizzards back to back and we are stuck inside bored.....

We are also trying to prepare her to be a big sister very soon...