Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Still doing well getting therapy

Jailynn had therapy at home (special instruction) this morning and then this afternoon I took her to kennedy kreiger for physical therapy. At kennedy Kreiger we ran into Grace and her mother. Grace just had the same surgery as Jailynn, one week after Jailynn. i just knew who she was when I saw her. She is a cutie pie. I introduced jailynn to them and said hi and asked how Grace was doing and told them Jailynn was doing great.Then we went into Jailynns therapy. She did really well and did "speak up" when she didn't want to do something. Still over all it was a good session. She still is more whiney. She fell asleep early tonight leaning against Daddy on the couch and she was so upset when i had to pick her up and put her to bed.

I'm still waiting on Jailynn's new speech therapist to call me back. i will call her again tomorrow. Kennedy Kreiger should be calling me back agian too. They are setting up for an Ot and possibly Pt to come to our house so that we wont have to drive there.

We received our registration paperwork for the hemispherectomy reunion in July. I am so excited to go!

I've been trying to get school information, for possible preschool programs for Jailynn, no one is helping me at all. I wanna bang my head into the wall.

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