Sunday, July 26, 2009

All Done

Jailynn is done with Dilantin. Thursday was her last dose and as of Friday she is Dilantin free! So far so good. I haven't seen any problems.
She has been taking longer naps, but she is also eating more at each sitting so I believe she is going through a growth spurt.

She had a sleepover weekend with Nanny while mommy and daddy went to a B&B for our anniversary.

She is till toting Barbie around everywhere and loving Blues Clues. SHe is doing so well with walking independent and is not wanting to hold our hands as much.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our fundraiser

We held a fundraiser st our local Friendly's Restaurant last night. It turned out great! The place was packed! I made a lot of money selling ice cream for a year raffle tickets, (donated by Friendly's). The manager Debbie and our favorite waitress Patty bought Jailynn a tutu and princess crown because they said she is their princess. I was so proud and happy about the turnout. Jane was their and did an awesome job helping me sell tickets.

In other good news, Jailynn is going to be a big sister! Spring 2010.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


A new saying I have recently heard Jailynn say, maybe the past 2 days is "uh-oh". Very cute of course.
I ordered her Blues Clues books from ebay and they came today, she was so excited!
She did very well going up the stairs with daddy today. He held her hands but she held the rail very well and leaned forward to step instead of leaning back.
Our old baby monitored crapped out so we decided to buy a video one. This way we can catch Jailynn when she is starting to play with her poop. This morning i was surprised to see she went but didnt play with it. Then again I woke up from her voice on the monito at 6 am so she didnt have time to get to it.

Friday, July 17, 2009

article about Jailynn

This is the web address for a article about Jailynn in a local paper called the Dundalk Eagle. I think the writer Heather Pearlberg did a nice job.

copy and paste this address.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Jailynn started chewable Tegretol tablets instead of the liquid . Now we one give her 2 chewables (which i split in half first, i am paranoid) She has been taking them 2-3 days and it is going great. No more spilling it or stickiness. She likes taking them just fine too, but she has mostly been a good medicine taker for over 2 years now. She wasn't so great as an infant lol.
1 more week of Dilantin and she is finished with that. So far so good.

I tried making a list of words she knew. I didn't complete it but it was over 50 words. She came so far from the less then 10 that she knew when she started speech therapy. So much more has come after her surgery too. I am so happy and proud. She is really trying to be able to express her needs more and more.

I have gotten her to the point so far that she won't cry when I sit her on her potty chair. She still hasn't went potty in it though. But hey, baby steps! I am going to buy an extra one. I think I am going to get a small simple one from Ikea, I think they are only $4.

She has been doing good the past 4-5 days with walking alone and not whining to hold hands with me.

Monday, July 13, 2009

"want this"

As I am typing Jailynn is sitting on the living room floor with her barbie. She is saying "want this... no. want this no" It reminds me of when I show her clothes or toys. I will offer her 2 sometimes 3 choices of outfits and ask her do you want to wear this, sometimes she says no to everything and sometimes she will say yes or point to one. similar with toys. It is so cool to see her picking up on things. I heard her trying to sing twinkle twinkle today with a toy that plays the melody. She says please very well now, we just have to cue her when to say it.
She learned the names of 2 girls this weekend at the reunion, Alex and Jody. I have some pictures and I am waiting for a free CD of pictures taken by Heathers husband, one of the photographers to be mailed to me. ** right now she has that toy singing twinkle twinkle!!!!! Next year the reunion is in Indianapolis. We participated in 2 studies (via paperwork questionnaires)

We had a play date with the new neighbor's child but he ended up being punished for not listening and his sister is not well today because of teething and not getting sleep so we will try tomorrow.

She is stilling playing with her poo. Yesterday it was so bad i went straight to the tub with her. I tried a pull up last night with a onsie ( it was long sleeved but i cut the arms off ) and thin summer pj pants, she didn't play with poop, but then again she hadn't pooped. I hope this works. We may be going to see a behavior therapist at Kennedy Kreiger.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Reunion quicky update

I have some pics not a bunch as I was busy listening to speakers. I will post as soon as I can. I need rest after a long fun day. I just wanted to say how much fun we had. I appreciate everyone who put in work that helped make the Reunion happen and be great. I want to thank all the families who talked with us or played with Jailynn. Evryone is so nice and has such beautiful children. I cannot wait to do this again!!!

I have been told my updates are lacking. I will try to update more, please yell at me when I am slacking

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bye Bye Dilantin

We got the go ahead from Dr K. today to stop the Dilantin! We will give one dose only instead of 2 for 2 weeks then stop it all together. He was very pleased with how Jailynn is doing. Jailynn walked all around the 5th floor of Hopkins outpatient center today without holding my hand! Of course she was holding Barbie! We spoke to a few people we didn't know that are here for the Hemi reunion and Srikar"s family. Jailynn walked around telling everyone "hi" and making sure everyone knew that Jailynn was in the building haha.

We cant wait to make more new friends tomorrow and Saturday! I cant wait to put faces to the email posts from the yahoo group.

Jailynn even walked around outside down the sidewalk on our street tonight without holding my hand!!! She was never been willing to walk outside not holding a hand! 3 neighborhood ids came on our side of the street today and played on our walkway and porch with Jailynn she was so happy to have company.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Jailynn has been carrying around a barbie for the past 3 or so days. Someone gave it to her on my birthday in January. She has picked it up before but lost interest after a few mins. Now she always wants it. We decided to finally use her walmart gift card that someone gave her for her birthday. We bought 4 new barbie for her. She seemed very excited as I showed them to her and put them in the cart. We did alot of other shopping today and went to a little block party at a local church. She had fun and was so well behaved.

on 4th of July she loved swimming and bouncing with us on the trampoline with us.

We are all very excited to go to the Hemispherectomy Reunion this weekend.