Monday, August 31, 2009

school transportation issues

Jailynn's school bus was supposed to get here today at 8 am. I know that it is the first day and all. We were prepared for the bus to be maybe 15 mins early or late. Well it was about 35 mins late. When it was 20 mins late I called the bus company and asked, the man told me " well its the first day they are running late, all I can tell you is they will be there." Somebody should know where these buses are at all times. He could not even tell me about how late it was running. Finally Jay and I gave up we were getting loaded in my car. I was gonna take him to school and then drop Jailynn off late at school. right when I am about to put Jailynn in the car I see the bus park on the main road near the end of my street. Jailynn is scheduled for DOOR TO DOOR service. I even told this driver personally that my husband is blind and can she honk the horn in front of my house when she comes. She did a test run last week and drove down my street. I was never notified that she would not be picked up in front of our home. How in the hell can he hear her from way down the road when she is on a busy main road honking. As a disabled student my daughter is given door to door service and I have it in writing.

So I have emailed the transportation manager, I can't get through on the phone. I also have a call into Jailynn's school, they can't control the buses, but they can make a call to help me a little.

I still haven't heard about or received payment for driving Jailynn to school last year, since she was entitled to a bus but they could not provided adequate transportation.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Jailynn, Jason and I visited baby Richard's family at Hopkins today. Unfortunately Richard wasn't feeling great and was sleeping. I only was able to see pictures of him. His family was so nice! Jailynn had a great time entertaining them! She was very social and showed them her marching and walking skills.
Hopefully he will get to go home soon.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

"bye friends"

We went to breakfast as usual this morning. Jailynn normally will say Hi and Bye to the other regulars and waitress at Friendly's but today I told her to say bye friends. Well I'll be darned if she did not repeat me perfectly clear! I managed to get her to say it a second time. I was so proud. She said the word "friends" so well!

Later at home she was playing with her laugh and learn piggy bank and putting the money from that into her elmo purse. I looked at her and said, Jailynn can you say purse? She said "purse" then I said, you are putting money in your purse? She said "money in purse"! It is not so common for her to say or repeat three or more word phrases. I am so happy. She also has been saying peekaboo and I see you!

She wants to look at my belly all the time and say hi baby and pat it too.

She starts school on August 31st her teacher should be proud and exicted to see what she has learned over the summer.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

jabber box

Jailynn has been talking away! Her speech teacher is so impressed! Sometimes she just likes to nonsense babble. She will stick her finger in my belly button and say his baby! kiss my belly and then say "all d" which means all done and then cover my belly with my shirt. SHe also asks me for "tatos" tacos all the time.

She has really been doing well going up the stairs with one hand held. She molds on the rail and steps so well now.

Monday, August 3, 2009

head shaking

Jailynn has been doing this head shaking. At the reunion I had a discussion with a neurolpsychologist Dr Salorio, Jailynn has seen her before. In an email she suggested 2 different behavior clinics at Kennedy Kreiger. I called to get an appointment. They cannot get her in until September. She will have to miss a day of school. I was told it is probably a self stimulating behavior and if not stopped could become a permanent behavior. It has become more frequent. She does it a majority of the day now.