Tuesday, September 29, 2009


When Jailynn came home today from school I sat her on the couch to take off her jacket. She started singing something but I could not make out the words. Me and daddy discovered that she was trying to sing "Where is Thumbkin?" It was all garbled but she had the tune down perfectly. Later in the tub she started singing the "I love You" song from barney to her Barbie doll. I have been singing that for about 2 months to hear when I turn off her light and go to lay her down in the crib. When she sang it to Barbie she even did the kiss sound. She has also been singing "friends, friends 1,2,3. All my friends are here with me" She is picking most of this up at school!

We have taken her to behavior therapy appointments 2 times now. this Friday will be our 3rd appointment. 2 weeks ago we saw the therapist and ever since that 2nd time Jailynn has not played in her dirty diaper at all. We have been sneaking in her room in the middle of the night and placing toys in at the bottom end so that when she wakes up she will find them and play with them instead of poop. Also when we get her out of the crib after a nap or in the morning if she has not done it we sing a made up "Clean hands" song to her. she now tries to sing that song as well and she reminds you if you forget to sing it! These efforts have been working so well.

Since therapy started she has also stopped kicking me to death when I change her diapers. We lay on the praise really thick and it is working so well!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

so angry with the bus

Do you know the Juvenile song Back that ass up?... It is a rap song....

... well that is what was playing on the school bus yesterday when I stepped on it to get Jailynn off the bus when she came home from school. It took me a minute to realize it. I was so shocked I could not even say anything to the bus driver. I did not listen to see if it was the version that said "ass" or "thing" instead of ass. Either way that it inappropriate to be playing on a school bus! I called the bus company and complained to a supervisor. He said they will take care of it. I swear every week there is at least 1 problem with the bus or driver.

It made me even more mad because yesterday Jailynn showed us another example of how fast she is picking up words. Jason was listening to 98 Rock on the radio and one of the guys was saying "POWER, POWER" over and over in a strange growling type voice and Jailynn looks up and starts saying it the same way. It was funny but it shows you how quick she can pick it up and repeat it. That evening Jailynn was playing with a cheap munchkin cheerleader baby doll and kept pushing her belly and the same cheer song would play. after a few times i hear Jailynn in the living room saying" muchins say how-e-do" kinda of garbled but she was trying to sing the cheer. What if she had came of the bus saying "you look good back that ass up"? or something similar I would have died and tried to hurt the driver.

ugh i am so fed up.

Friday, September 11, 2009

more bus issues

Yesterday I interned in my kindergarten class all day then had college at in the evening. I look at my cell i have a text call home its an emergency I immediately think seizure. I was wrong. Jailynn was supposed to get home on the bus at 4:30 and her bus didn't get her home til 6 pm! I was livid. Her grandma was home from work early and was waiting for her with my neighbor. they were so worried. The bus driver wouldn't tell them anything when she came, she said call the school or bus company. Come to find out before she got to Jailynn's school to get them she had hit a cars mirror and had to wait for a police report. ugh! i have talked to the school about it. They are frustrated too. The transport company did not even notify the school. the school had to keep calling and calling until they could get through to the company.

I was so mad we didn't even get a call to say the bus is late your daughter is safe don't worry.

Jailynn also vomited once at school today. she did at home on saturday too. both times around the same time of day.