Tuesday, March 24, 2009

attention span

Jailynns new Ot from Kennedy, Mary and I have been talking alot about jailynns attention span. It it very short. Mostly under a minute for most things. SHe can blow through a therapists bag of toys in 10 mins. She is very flighty when it comes to toys and activities. She gives up very easily and does not always visually attend to what she is doing which lowers her success rate. The therapist along with myself arre going to work very hard to help her get better with this problem. It will be a bigger issue when it is time for school. We need her to be able to focus and attend to a teacher. I have decided that I want her in a special education at least for her first year of school, which will start this fall at the age of 3. Eventually I want her in a mixed class environment but I think especially for the first year she needs more one on one interaction. I do not want her to be lost in the shuffle of daily class activities. Jailynn is happy if you just leave her be when she does not want to do something. I do not want her to be in a classroom where the teacher just lets her be because she is content and quiet. I want her to be appropriately challenged and I want her to learn and develop. I also think she needs to be in a smaller classroom where she will be stimualted but not overstimulated.

I am still waiting to hear about her IEP meeting date. I just hope we can get what is truely best for her.

Anyone have pointers, tips, experience with similar attention span issues????


Seth Wohlberg said...

Hi Holly,
You are a beautiful and loving mom. My family and I wish you all the best on your journey.
Seth Wohlberg

Hollis said...

Hollis has a very short attention span too. We've always had the recommendation from various therapist/teachers/neuros to just get in her face and redirect her to the task (which she hates!), but it does work. For particular tasks, we've also used a countdown board to indicate when she can be done with the thing she's supposed to be working on, and when she can move on to another more preferred activity.

Megan said...

Hi Holly!
Your daughter is beautiful! And it sounds like you are a great Mom for her, seeking what is best for her! Congrats on the latest skills. We will be praying for no more seizures.

I have a great suggestion for the attention span issue, I need to re-look up the info, though, first. And I need to start our school day right now! I'll be back with the info!