Friday, May 29, 2009

@nd full day of school

I am curious to see what Jailynn's teacher says today when I pick her up. Today we got to school 14-20 mins early. I need to adjust my leaving time from home. I am trying to get it just right. Jailynn kept trying to pull my hand and walk out of the classroom. She was mad whenever I made her go back in. She was upset and whining. I am sure she knew today I was leaving her there. It broke my heart and made me feel so bad. I hope she gets used to it. The only thing is there are only 2 more weeks left and then it ends and I will have to go through this all over again come August/September.
I pray she took a nap. If not she will be zonked out when I put her in the car.
At least she has tomorrow to recover before her birthday and party on Sunday.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

feeling better

I can tell Jailynn is feeling better today. No getting sick and she has eaten today. We have been outside alot back and forth and played with chalk and on the swing set. jailynn says "outside" and drags me to the back door, then we says "wee" when we go out. That means she wants to get on her swing.

She had a good first day at school Tuesday. We will send her tomorrow and I hope she has a good day again.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Home sick

Jailynn did well at school yesterday but would not nap. When she came home she was beyond exhausted. She vomited after dinner time and i cleaned her up. She went straight to sleep at 7 pm. She normally goes down around 8.

We thought she just worked herself and got sick.

i took her to school today. they called me around 10 asking me to come get her she was sick. She vomited 4 times or so at school and once in the car. She is in a very playful mood though. She is sipping pedialtye now. we will keep her home tomorrow and if she is okay tomorrow then she can go back Friday.. I pray she is well by sunday, her birthday

Monday, May 25, 2009

big day tomorrow

Tomorrow is the big day. Jailynn starts school. I am so nervous. I am taking her to and from school because the transportation system had her with a 2 hour ride to school and 2 hours home. She would be 1st picked up and last dropped off on her bus. i know she cannot handle that.

Wish us luck. I know I am going to cry.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ready Set GO!

I went to Lakeshore Learning Store today. I love that place!!! They have the best teachers stuff and toys. A double good thing cause I am a mom to a 3 year old and in school to be a kindergarten teacher. Well when I came home Jason told me he had Jailynn on her swing set while I was gone. He said he got her to say "Ready, set go!" and then she would say wee! Whee is not new though. I got her to say it for me later and then I took this video when I put her on the swing. It is hard to get a video of her. She normally just smiles at the camera and in this video she is not super happy because she wants me to put it down.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


We took Jailynn to taco bell today and I was talking to Jason about what I would get her. Jailynn looked up and screeched taco, taco taco! It was so cute! She is always telling her daddy shower, meaning for him to go get in it. We have said goodbye to 3 therapists already. It so sad they have to leave us. We have given them each cards. SHe gets to see Kristy her PT one more time on Friday. We are going to miss her. She has been so devoted to Jailynn.

Jailynn was able to have 2 therapies outside today because the weather was nice.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

only one week away!

We received our letter from the school board Frdiay evening. They want Jailynn to start school Monday May 26th! That is 1 week away now! Mommy is panicking. I am excited and nervous. I worry about the tiniest things. What if she wont eat for them, what if she is scared. What if they dont understand many of her words when she is trying to tell them something. I knwo she will be okay but she is my baby.

On the other hand she has been doing so well. She is becoming better at telling us when she wants things and reat at telling us when she doesnt wan things. Her favorite words right now are outside and NO oh and EIEIO alot!

I am sad to see our therapists go. They have made such a difference in our lives over the past three years.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Neurosurgeon checkup

We had an appoint with Dr. Jallo today. It was a long wait today but Jailynn behaved so well. She walked around saying hi, bye and blowing everyone she saw kisses. She gave Diana Pilas akiss and tried to scar her by saying "rawrrrr". She also hugged Dr Kossoff and blew him kisses. They were all impressed at how well she is doing and her walking and talking. Said her incision looks good. He wants to see her back in six months.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

we checked it out

We went to the school, it took almost a half hour to get there. The school was built in 1933. The building is obviously old. Inside you can still tell its old but you can see they are trying hard to make it look nice. The lockers are all painted bright colors and they have bulletin boards with childrens art and projects everywhere. The school is kinda small. The 3 year old room is small but big enough. The teacher said right now she has 11 students in her room to 2 adults. School goes from 9-3. Jailynn will probably spend a long time on a bus considering how far we live. We livwe right near the county line and the school is past downtown Baltimore. THere is no parking. I did get lucky and got the 1 spot open when we got there. The teacher was very nice. Most of her students were napping when we got there,. SHE is very open and flexible with nap time. The teacher does everything with the children. She eats with them and diapers them. Jailynn would be pulled out for therapies but not during instruction. They go to "specials" like art, gym, pool and i think music too. The school is 88% african american and only 8% white. Jailynns would be the only white girl in her class i think, at least til the next school year starts, then I dont know. I feel bad she has to be a minority but she does not know any better and this will help us teach her to be accepting of others and non-prejudice. I think that is a big problem in our world today. So please dont misunderstand me. I starting filling out the registration paper work I am almost done. I have this form that needs to be filled out by a doctor but I am calling them becasue Jailynn's doctor just filled out a whole darn packet! Its the same kind of thing.

I was really mad when we first got to the school. I called Friday to tell them I wanted to visit and asked them if Tuesday at 2 pm was good and I was told yes that is fine. When I got there today the 2 ladies in the front office were like" oh no today is a very busy and very bad day to visit, our principles are not here". I was ready to throw a fit. Finally they had 2 people from another office help us. They gave me and Jason and Jailynn a little tour and took us to meet the teacher. She was very willing to talk to me and help me.

Friday, May 1, 2009

good news

The IEP meeting went pretty darn well. Jason tried to fight for speech service for the summer but they would not give it. They are giving her PT and Ot during the summer. They want her to go to the Baer School, we are going to visit it on Tuesday. They want her to start school at the middle/endof May and go for about 3 weeks. It will be good for a trial run before the new schoo year starts. I wasnt ready for it so soon but I have to give it try. My little baby is going to school. During the school year she will get speech once a week, Pt twice and OT twice. I am very happy with that. We are going to ask Kennedy Kreiger to do speech during the summer through our insurance.
I really thought the meeting would be worse than it was. They were 30 mins late starting and it lasted around 2 hours. Jailynn did great, we had her grammy there to tend to her. I thought she wouls scream and cry when she was tired but she was a trooper. Of course she passed out for a nap as soon as we got home. Mommy did too.