Friday, March 27, 2009

Mommy's taking me to the zoo

As soon as Jailynn wakes her little butt up from her nap we are leaving to get something to eat and then heading to the zoo. My best friend Summer and her son Aiden should be here soon and we are going together. I am not sure how much jailynn will like or pay attention to the animals. The weather is nice though and Jailynn will like being outside and getting to walk around like a big girl. I am still taking the stroller though so she can have breaks. Definately bringing my camera. Im excited to see how she reacts to it.

Jailynn is missing her daddy though, he is in Alabama for an injured veterans sports camp for the weekend. Today she was walking around for a few minutes saying Daddy Daddy daddy in a sad/pouty voice. I am going to keep us having fun so the weekend will go by quicker.

Jailynn had Pt this morning with her Kristy, our longest lasting therapist, she has been with jailynn since 3 months old I think. Jailynn loves her but lately she issnt too happy with Kristy. Kristy makes her work hard and knows all Jailynns tricks. Jailynn cries almost the entire session now. She cries with other therapists too, but PT is the hardest and Jailynn is so stubborn. She is good at turing the tears on and off now too.

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Ann Stoermer said...

Jailynn looks so good in her swing pictures. I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I hope she continues to do well.

Ann Stoermer