Friday, November 20, 2009

Jailynn's Progress

We have Jailynn's first report card. Being only 3 it is not a regular report card with A's and B's but it is marked by skills, mastered emerging, and unsuccessful but tried.

We have notes from all of her therapists about her progress. Jailynn is making great progress in OT, PT, Speech and special education goals. She is getting better at socializing and playing with other children at school.

All of the behaviors we had went to behavioral therapy for have resolved even though we stopped therapy due to the time and missing school days.

A few days ago she said her longest utterance, "Oh Mommy, it's medicine time!" Jason and I were both thrilled. She mostly says two and sometimes 3 words per phrase.

On bad thing is she is getting really stubborn now about taking meds. Especially the depakote. Everyone has always been so impressed how good she was about letting me give her meds. She even sometimes refuses a gummy itamin, which tastes yummy.

She sees her neuro Dec 21st, possibly a med wean will start then.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sick Jailynn

My poor little one was sent home early today for getting sick. She has had H1N1 and Flu shots but there are always other germs. I swear if there is a germ in a 20 mile radius this girl gets it. It has not been medically diagnosed but I know she has a weaker immune system. The medical issues never cease.