Wednesday, January 28, 2009

today and yesterday... Jailynn sick

I had my hair colored and cut today and Jason texted me and told me jailynn had a seizure over a minute long. We had noticed her coughing a few times at breakfast. When I got home he told me she had threw up. She had several seizures and threw up several times. She has kept some juice down but no food really.
I just put her to bed and had to stop typing this to run upstairs because of another seizure. I gave her the diastat. Hopefully she have a restful night.

Please pray her sickness passes quickly. I need her to be better by next week or her surgery will be cancelled and it will be hard to reschedule! We have already done all of the pre-op testing.
The seizures so many and so close to surgery make me more at ease with our decision to go through with the surgery.

jailynn slept all night as far as i know, but i am knocked out at night by my meds, jason said he didnt hear her up at night. I got her out of bed this morning at 8 am. She seemed really happy. However even when sick she tries to be happy and smiley. I have heard her sneeze a few times in the hour or so she has been up. She drank a sippy cup full of pediatlyte and ate scrambled eggs and blueberries and bananas with daddy for breakfast. I was able to give her the seizure meds too. So far she is fine, and i pray im not jinxing it , no throw up and she is watching mickey mouse clubhouse.

just because gloria wacthed her for a whole day, ever since she has been asking for nanny many many times a day. its so cute though/ Also she says hi alot but sometimes tries to say hello its more like "hellyow" i love it.

i know its flu season and all that, hopefulley what eve she has will come and go as fast as possible. i was even thinking of cancelling all of her therapies and stuff and keeping her home until surgery after another parent online suggested it, i dont know if that is me being too paranoid or not.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

home from MRI

So we have been home awhile.
They gave Jailynn some kind of medicine before they took her to her MRI to make her drowzy, so that she would not fight the mask when they gave her gas to put her to sleep. I was really sad when they were doing it cause the gas smelled bad and she was crying , i had to lay my head on her chest to hug her and hold her arms down. then once she was knocked out her breathing sounded weird and i had to kiss her and tell her goodbye and jay kissed her hand. we waited for like almost an hour, they came out and said she did fine and was in recovery and we could come back soon. it was 30-40 mins before they came back to say we could come be with her and i was getting mad and worried because it was so long. i thought something was wrong. Nothing was wrong they just said she was tired and it took awhile for her to wake up and they wanted her to rest. She was upset once she woke up and noticed the iv in her hand. Then they had to peel off the sticky things off her chest and take her iv out and the tape she was so upset about it. she kept saying up up. She threw up a few times from the anesthesia. Once we were in the car she started to seem like herself. when we came home she no longer wanted to sleep. she has been drinking juice and watching blues clues.

We bought a portable dvd player yesterday and took it with us today. I LOVE it! Jailynn sat quietly and smiled big when she saw blues clues come on in the waiting room. The best waiting room experience with her ever!!

When we were waiting for the MRI to be finished we watched the President on tv. I also began to be really scared and my eyes got watery because i told jay i was scared about today and the surgery. He hugged me and said take one day at a time. I told him about all of the great comments that I had from my bloop friends and how some people said only worry about the present day and to breath and that i can do this.

I really appresciate the love, advice, support and prayers I get from everyone here.

mri today

Jailynns MRI is today. We are about to leave. I was so glad that we could give her juice and jello so her belly wouldnt be totally empty. I am getting nervous about the anesthesia. I am starting to loose some of my calm about surgery and fear is creeping in. Her pre-op with her pediatrician is thursday and then I will have to take her to get bloodwork.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

MRI on tuesday

We met with The Halls on Thursday. It was very nice. It really made my MIL feel better meeting Jesse. Jesse was a sweetheart and Cris and Kristy were great too.
Then jailynn had an eye appt. most likely she will be getting eye surgery in the future for an eye turn.

Tomorrow we are having dinner with The Miller's and the Hall's. We are really looking forward to it.

Tuesday is her MRI under sedation. I am very nervous about it and I have been having dreams about it. Thursday is Jailynn's pre-op visit with her pediatrician. Suregry is so close and I am getting scared.

Next Sunday is mty birthday.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hair business

I contatced the surgeon by email asking if it is possible for jailynns head not to be shaved. He responded and said he will minimally shave and I should remind him on surgery day of that.

Monday, January 5, 2009

1 month away

It is exactlly 1 month until Jailynns surgery. She has started having several seizures a day