Sunday, September 19, 2010


about 2 weeks ago Jailynn was bitten in school! I was LIVID, to put it nicely. They calle dand said it was 3 bites and 1 broke skin. We rushed up to school, coincidently we were already planning on picking her up that day, just to see her new classroom. When i get there, the bites go all the way from the end of Jailynn's short sleeve shirt to her hand on her left arm ( her "bad" arm). There were approximately 6 bites, all very dark red vicious looking bites and bruises tht looked like finger marks from the other child holding on to do the biting. This all apparnatly happened in gym. 19 students with special needs with 1 teacher. The 1 aid was assisting a boy to the bathrrom. Normally the class has 2 teachers and 2 aides but for Specials like gym they do not. Not a good idea since they will be doing physical activity and some children may require alot of assistance.

There is now a plan in place to keep the other child away from Jailynn at all times. They could not move her to another class because there is only one 4 year old class this year. Of course they wouldnt tell me which child bit jailynn. and jailynn doenst understand it when I question her about it.