Thursday, March 19, 2009


I talked to Jailynns corrdinator and Jailynns "packet" was hand delivered to the school system on Tuesday. So we are waiting for a date for our meeting. The coordinator said she is going to harrass them to schedule a date before they go on spring break. Even if the date is after spring break ( i know it will be) she wants them to "put us on the bboks" before take a break so tthat we are not forgotten.

It was all sunny and pretty this morning. I walked Jailynn around the backyard and then it just had to start raining. I want to take her to the park this weekend everyday if we can. I need it not to rain. I bearly watch the news so I have no clue.

today when jailynn's OT was almost done I sneaked onto the stairs to try to listen/observe the last few mins. I heard the therapist count 1,2,3 and I heard jailynn say 3! at dinner I was telling Jason about it and I said 1, then jailynn siad 2! I said 3 and she said 4! Then i said 5 loudly and I was going to stop there but she said 6! It was so COOL! I didnt know she could do this!

Then I tried later to get her to do it for my MIL and she did say 2 and three so I tried the ABC's because the other day I got her to repeat after me a-e. Well today I said A and she said B and C! She is a secret little genious! She is shocking me everyday! I love it!


Jane Stefanik said...

Jailynn - YOU GO GIRL!! YOU ROCK!!

Seth Wohlberg said...

Great to hear that Jailynn is doing so well.
Seth Wohlberg