Monday, March 16, 2009

21 days

Today is 21 days seizure free for Jailynn. If she makes it to tomorrow it will be the longest that she has ever been seizure free. Please pray for her.
Today was Jailynn's follow-up with her neurosurgeon. Her neurologist popped in too and the surgeons P.A. too. They were all so impressed with how great Jailynn is doing. The surgeon clipped off a scab that was left that was just hanging by a thread.He distracted her with goldfish crackers. He wants to see her in 2 months. Her neurologist said he wants to see her in July when they do the hemispherectomy conference appointments, so we can cancel the appointment we made for August. He said in July he will talk to us about weaning her off Dilantin.

I got Jailynn to repeat the letters of the alaphabet after me up to the letter E. She did good and I got her to do it like 5 times today.

Oh and we got her to keep her glasses on most of the day.

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Anonymous said...

Thats so Fantastic! What strong little souls they are, so much stronger than we could ever be! God is Great! So Happy for your family! Wendy