Wednesday, February 25, 2009

roadbumps and picu

Written 2-24-09
Tomorrow was our discharge date from kennedy BUT today jailynn had a fever was. Moved to isolation and then acted fine smiling eating ect but after jay and I ate dinner Jailynn had a long seizure long story short it was like the one she had 1 week after surgery and now we are back at hopkins in the picu. Please pray for my baby! She was doing so great!

2-25-09 we are with her I slept here at the hospital and kennesy kreiger let jay sleep there. She is awake now but quiet I think she's kinda scared n confused
2-25-039 12 noon
Right now jailynn is stable no ng tube no vent she is laying in her. Crib drinking apple juice and eatting italian ice and talking. She is supposed to go to the floor but they don't have a room yet. Ct looks fine and all cultures so far negative for infection

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Hollis said...

Sending you our good wishes and love from Boston, and hoping the little one gets better soon. I know how hard it is to see your baby going through all this.