Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day 3

I have some more pictures. jailynn is very swollen. They turned her to midline this morning before we got there. She is heavily sedated but still moving around! My stubborn miracle! She is no longer trying to move her head and it is not taped down. Im sure she is much more comfotable. They took her catheter out today but after hours of her not peeing they put it back in. They said not to worry becuase this sometimes happens because she is so heavily medicated. With her head being unwrapped and turned to midline you can really see how badly swollen she is. She would move her arm and legs when touched and sometimes when we talked to her. She was even trying to rub her face with her right hand. I did see her left leg move today a good sign. Tomorrow morning they are doind a CT scan to check her and if it comes back good, they will start elevated her head and slowly start to wean the sedation.

My dad, visited and so did Jody, Lynn and Al. They are all so great. I am scared, nervous and excited for the next phase, waking her up! I cant wait to hear her voice and see her eyes and hold her.

A lady from the american legion contacted the paper and i called her back, she brought this teddy bear called a spinoza bear for jailynn, she was incredibly sweet and generous

We watched Gifted Hands tonight and i cried. SO amazing how far medicine as come. God bless Dr Carson and and doctors for that matter and god bless Dr jallo. Our nurse are so great as well.

I just called to check on her before I go to bed and the nurse said she is doing fine, but they put her on a new antibiotic just in case because of her fever (which has already gone down) and drew blood for blood cultures.


Jessie said...

It is so good to see how well Jailynn is doing. How cool that she moved her left leg! That is AWESOME! Hang in there - it won' tbe long before you will be able to hold her.
Kristi and Cris

Anonymous said...

Your little angel looks so beautiful! I am so proud of her! Each day will get better and better! Your prayers have definately been answered! I will see you guys soon!!!


Anonymous said...

I found your blog through Jessie's blog and wanted you to know that I will be praying for her, especially since she has my namesake and it is spelled the same way! It caught my attention and I clicked on the link and I am so glad I did.

Praying for ya'll in Texas.

kirababyy said...

jailynn looks so good.
i cant wait to see her, im so happy she is doing well. i pray everyday for her and will continue
holly you are an amazing mother jailynn is very lucky.