Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Jailynn is at the childrens rehab hosptial and so is Jason. there is a bathroom in he room so he agreed to stay with her tonight. It makes it easier because i have class at 8 am and this way neither of us has to get up as ealry, plus i deserve abreak because i have gotten no sleep at the hospital and im exhausted, plus i needed a good quiet place to do homework. i hope jason can get some sleep tonight. i had to ride home and pack him clothes and food and take it back. i felt so guilty leaving them but only 1 parent can stay and jailynn always wants me now, she has only said dad once. I hope she does okay with therapies tomorrow. i told them if she doesnt have her swallowing evaluation by 6pm tomorrow i would be taking her home and never coming back, so Im sure she will have it.
i realized after i was home i left my meds at the hospital in the drawer with my clothes, ugh i really need them...

oh and icing on my cake, my trackball on my blackberry broke, its not covered by warranty cause its wear and tear and the insurance company for my phone is closed for the night, i cannot open email, send texts or scroll or use the net on it grr21 i hope i can get a replacemtent asap!

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