Monday, February 2, 2009


My husband and daughter have had colds so guess who is sick now..... yup yup me, how lucky :-( I am drinking OJ and taking airbourne I dont feel horrible and i hope i dont get worse 2 girl today swore by airbourne. I pray it works. I will be heartbroken if i cannot visit her after surgery. I am drink oj and taking airbourne. Iwould rather me be sick and her get surgery than her not be able to
have it. She is still kinda sick with the cold but seems to be getting better each day.

we have looked into getting an account for Jai that people can donate to, the newspaper suggested it. I checked at bank Of America today, it was 30 mins til close and they
had others waiting so someone took a few mins to answer a few
questions for me. They told me I will definately need a tax id number
form the IRS. how would i get that? They took my number since i could
not wait and said they would call me tomorrow. They said it would be
a donation/foundation account. Ugh, I probably will not be able to
get it done in time.

Someone here online said to me something I thought may be true after I
said that I have been worrying more about jailynns cold than the
surgery. I thought by now i would be out of my mind with panic over
negatives of the surgery. Well they said maybe God gave her this
cold to take your mind off the surgery and she will be better just in
time for surgery. Weird way to think but quite possibly true. All
things happen for a reason I believe. that was not word for word from the comment though.

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