Friday, February 6, 2009

pictures from today

today jailynn is much more swollen, but that is to be expected. we were visited by Dr kossoff, dr Jallo and diana pillas. A few family memebers came for a short while to peak in on Jailynn a few mins. Diana brought Jailynn a hand made blanket from volunteer women. So sweet! The Dundalk Eagel contatced me with a woman named Mays phone number and asked me to call. Well I called today and she said she wanted to give Jailynn a Spinoza Bear. I have never heard of it but she said its a large bear that comes with tapes to talk and play music. she is very excited to be able to give it to Jailynn. she sounds so sweet. SHe is from a nearby neighborhood and is bringing it to use tomorrow morning. She is involved with the American legion Womens Auxillary and they buy and donate bears> this particular bear she bout with her own money to donate and she wants Jailynn to have it. We are so blessed to have so many people to reach out to us and truely care about us and pray. Jason and I are both doing well and happy with her progress so far. Shes our lil trooper.

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