Tuesday, February 10, 2009

she is slowly slowly starting to go down slowly slowly. When i left she still wasnt totally out of her daze. they turned down her dex med 1 step, the nurse could have done more but she spent too much time with another kid and ignored jailynn for a long time, jailynn wasnt in distress but still she could have made time to adjust her meds. we will probably be moving out of picu tomorrow. not 100% but maybe. so i will have to pack clothes just incase. Also today we received a care package from the hemi foundation, we also received our valentines day hemi hug the other day. Sar, dagny and dagnys dad, sorry forgot his name visited us!


Jane Stefanik said...

Jailynn looks beautiful! It is great to see her eyes open! I know you are a happy mommy and daddy!


Jessie said...

Look at those eyes! And no Vent either! Day-by-day, more and more progress. We are all so happy down here in Texas for Jailynn and family. God Bless!

Kristi and Cris