Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jailynn is out of surgery and doing well

Jailynn is out of surgery and resting in the PICU. Jason and I sat with her for awhile. Now Jason and I are home trying to relax. Jailynns surgery went very well without a problem or any complications. They finshed way earlier than they expected! Dr Jallo did a great job and even kept all jailynns hair except at the incision lines! I love Dr Jallo. I hugged him twice after asking if I could. Jailynn looks great! Her left side in strating to become puffy. She is a strong and stubborn little girl. They have been trying all different meds and doses to keep her still. She keeps trying to turn her head, i think because normally at night she sleeps with her head turned the other way and with her belly down or sidelying. I held together so great. I am so proud of myself self. I of course broke down crying when i walked her to the or and had to walk back to the waiting room and again when they came and told me she did great and was done.

We do have 1 bit of bad news, now jailynn has RSV. So we have to wear gowns, gloves and masks whenever we aproach her bedside. The mask make me so hot and make my eyes burn.I also really want to touch her skin even if i could just tiuch the bottom of her foot but i cant. Its hard not to be able to touch your baby unless gloved. Human touch is healing and i want to comfort her. I think she will be unhappy with the gloves and masks when she is alert.

Jane from the hemispherecotomyy foundation came and sat with us for comfort and support for a long time and then Al Miller came. I swear I have a huge extended family from joining this group.

I want to thank everyone for the thoughts,w ishes and prayers I belive they worked. And thank God for watching over my little girl. I cant wait to she her awake and eventually hold her.

I also did get a copy of the article from the dundalk eagle they did mention the foundation but not the website ( i really tried to plug the foundation)


Anonymous said...

Holly, I am so happy that everything went well today. RSV is just a little setback, you will be able to hold your precious little girl in no time!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you posted your website on the forum. I will watch closely and hopefully I will be as strong as you next month when my daughter has surgery at UCLA. I am sorry that she has RSV. Any additional risk must be scary. Continue to be strong and I am sure she will recover really soon.

Ann Stoermer