Wednesday, January 28, 2009

today and yesterday... Jailynn sick

I had my hair colored and cut today and Jason texted me and told me jailynn had a seizure over a minute long. We had noticed her coughing a few times at breakfast. When I got home he told me she had threw up. She had several seizures and threw up several times. She has kept some juice down but no food really.
I just put her to bed and had to stop typing this to run upstairs because of another seizure. I gave her the diastat. Hopefully she have a restful night.

Please pray her sickness passes quickly. I need her to be better by next week or her surgery will be cancelled and it will be hard to reschedule! We have already done all of the pre-op testing.
The seizures so many and so close to surgery make me more at ease with our decision to go through with the surgery.

jailynn slept all night as far as i know, but i am knocked out at night by my meds, jason said he didnt hear her up at night. I got her out of bed this morning at 8 am. She seemed really happy. However even when sick she tries to be happy and smiley. I have heard her sneeze a few times in the hour or so she has been up. She drank a sippy cup full of pediatlyte and ate scrambled eggs and blueberries and bananas with daddy for breakfast. I was able to give her the seizure meds too. So far she is fine, and i pray im not jinxing it , no throw up and she is watching mickey mouse clubhouse.

just because gloria wacthed her for a whole day, ever since she has been asking for nanny many many times a day. its so cute though/ Also she says hi alot but sometimes tries to say hello its more like "hellyow" i love it.

i know its flu season and all that, hopefulley what eve she has will come and go as fast as possible. i was even thinking of cancelling all of her therapies and stuff and keeping her home until surgery after another parent online suggested it, i dont know if that is me being too paranoid or not.

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