Friday, February 13, 2009

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Last night jailynn had several long seizures. They were bad and not like her typical seizures. They were very scary. She was sent for a head CT and that came bacl noral just like her previous CT. I was alone in her room when they started. My MIL brought herself and Jason. We stayed til atleast 4 am. They had her hooked up to an EEG and I think they still do. They were going to sedated her with midaz but she was sedated enough by all the ativan and phenobarb and whatever else she was pumped full of. Jason and I are getting ready to go back up with his mom. Right now my parents are with her til we get there.

This is so dissapointing and heartbreaking. Things were going so well. Now we took giant steps back, she is intubated again and I'm not sure if they put her arterial line back in yet. All the wires are going back on and we are starting over. I do not know if I can keep myself pulled together this time

For any families here that had post op seizures how many days after surgery were they


Jessie said...

Hang in there guys. Things are going to get better. Our Love from Texas. Cris and Kristi

Anonymous said...

Holly I'm hoping that little girl who holds a spiecial place in my heart gets better soon. I'm thinking about her alot.With the love and support that you give to Jailynn I'm sure she will be fine. Uncle John