Monday, February 9, 2009

2-9-09 some progress

today i had to go to school for 4 hours. jason's dad brought jason to the hospital and sat here until I came from school. i tried to stop at toysrus for a blues clues doll, but they do not have any so i ordered off of ebay today.

Last night before bed I called the PICU, they started turning down Jailynns ventilator setting> this morning the surgeon took out the drain from her head and they began elevating her! Its 3:57 and her neurologist just came in smiling from ear to ear! she is doing great! He said they both he and the surgeon just talked a bit ago about her and she is doing so wonderfully. They have taken away 2 meds and are switiching one today. They will wake her up tomorrow and take her breathing tube out today. They will also elevating her more. Tomorrow or wednesday she will proabbaly move out of the PICU. I am so happy. On thursday they will retest her for the RSV, if shes good we hopefully will not have to wear gear to touch her the nurse today said she couldnt believ she had RSV because there is no snot, that is good because that means it is clearing up or gone hopefully.

My Jailynn is a miracle baby. Everyone has been so great! Strangers, family and friends. I love everyone for it! Thank you for keeping her in your prayers.

She is still very swollen. I cant wait to see it go down. I cant wait to see her open her eyes tomorrow. I love her so much.


Anonymous said...

She is looking better!Before you know it.. you will be home with that sweet little angel and things will be so much less stressful.God is taking care of you all!She is going to heal so fast that it will amaze you! God Bless, Wendy

Jessie said...

Go Jailynn !!! Things are starting to move forward. That means that she is fighting with that Jailynn attitude. You go girl !

Holly, we were so glad to see this report today and so glad to hear that things are coming along so well.

We'll be praying that the RSV is gone and that you see a regular room soon.

God Bless,

Cris and Kristi

Jane Stefanik said...

Yes Holly, Jailynn is a miracle baby! She is the most adorable little girl! I will look for Blue's Clues!!



Anonymous said...

I found your site by way of the Hemispherectomy Foundation website. I just wanted you to know that my family and I are Praying for you, your family, and your sweet baby girl. May God Bless you all and Jailynn even more. May he bless her and give her renowned strength in her recovery. I have three children that I love with all my heart, but I can only imagine what your going through. Please just know that there are others who are Praying for you and thinking about you. God Bless you and your family!