Monday, July 13, 2009

"want this"

As I am typing Jailynn is sitting on the living room floor with her barbie. She is saying "want this... no. want this no" It reminds me of when I show her clothes or toys. I will offer her 2 sometimes 3 choices of outfits and ask her do you want to wear this, sometimes she says no to everything and sometimes she will say yes or point to one. similar with toys. It is so cool to see her picking up on things. I heard her trying to sing twinkle twinkle today with a toy that plays the melody. She says please very well now, we just have to cue her when to say it.
She learned the names of 2 girls this weekend at the reunion, Alex and Jody. I have some pictures and I am waiting for a free CD of pictures taken by Heathers husband, one of the photographers to be mailed to me. ** right now she has that toy singing twinkle twinkle!!!!! Next year the reunion is in Indianapolis. We participated in 2 studies (via paperwork questionnaires)

We had a play date with the new neighbor's child but he ended up being punished for not listening and his sister is not well today because of teething and not getting sleep so we will try tomorrow.

She is stilling playing with her poo. Yesterday it was so bad i went straight to the tub with her. I tried a pull up last night with a onsie ( it was long sleeved but i cut the arms off ) and thin summer pj pants, she didn't play with poop, but then again she hadn't pooped. I hope this works. We may be going to see a behavior therapist at Kennedy Kreiger.

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