Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bye Bye Dilantin

We got the go ahead from Dr K. today to stop the Dilantin! We will give one dose only instead of 2 for 2 weeks then stop it all together. He was very pleased with how Jailynn is doing. Jailynn walked all around the 5th floor of Hopkins outpatient center today without holding my hand! Of course she was holding Barbie! We spoke to a few people we didn't know that are here for the Hemi reunion and Srikar"s family. Jailynn walked around telling everyone "hi" and making sure everyone knew that Jailynn was in the building haha.

We cant wait to make more new friends tomorrow and Saturday! I cant wait to put faces to the email posts from the yahoo group.

Jailynn even walked around outside down the sidewalk on our street tonight without holding my hand!!! She was never been willing to walk outside not holding a hand! 3 neighborhood ids came on our side of the street today and played on our walkway and porch with Jailynn she was so happy to have company.

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