Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Jailynn started chewable Tegretol tablets instead of the liquid . Now we one give her 2 chewables (which i split in half first, i am paranoid) She has been taking them 2-3 days and it is going great. No more spilling it or stickiness. She likes taking them just fine too, but she has mostly been a good medicine taker for over 2 years now. She wasn't so great as an infant lol.
1 more week of Dilantin and she is finished with that. So far so good.

I tried making a list of words she knew. I didn't complete it but it was over 50 words. She came so far from the less then 10 that she knew when she started speech therapy. So much more has come after her surgery too. I am so happy and proud. She is really trying to be able to express her needs more and more.

I have gotten her to the point so far that she won't cry when I sit her on her potty chair. She still hasn't went potty in it though. But hey, baby steps! I am going to buy an extra one. I think I am going to get a small simple one from Ikea, I think they are only $4.

She has been doing good the past 4-5 days with walking alone and not whining to hold hands with me.

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