Saturday, July 18, 2009


A new saying I have recently heard Jailynn say, maybe the past 2 days is "uh-oh". Very cute of course.
I ordered her Blues Clues books from ebay and they came today, she was so excited!
She did very well going up the stairs with daddy today. He held her hands but she held the rail very well and leaned forward to step instead of leaning back.
Our old baby monitored crapped out so we decided to buy a video one. This way we can catch Jailynn when she is starting to play with her poop. This morning i was surprised to see she went but didnt play with it. Then again I woke up from her voice on the monito at 6 am so she didnt have time to get to it.


syamala said...

"uh-oh" that's cute. It was nice seeing you, Jason and Jailynn at the reunion. Good to know that she is learning lot of words and being a typical toddler.

Anonymous said...

Your little Jailynn is absolutely adorable. We have a 6 year old boy, J.T., who also has ACC (complete) and epilepsy. He has a large interhemispheric cyst and has his last of three surgeries last summer. We are in the early stages of planning his Make-A-Wish trip. All our best to your little Jailynn and your family.
Jen Hickerson