Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Wuff foo"

"Wuff Foo" that is what it sounds like when Jailynn says LOVE YOU. It is so cute. If I say Love you to her she will say it back. She will also do it again if I say tell daddy. I cannot wait until she says it on her own to us. She also just started saying her teachers name. I got her to say it yesterday. Her teachers name is Kelly or Ms. Kelly. I told the teacher yesterday that she could say it. Today the teacher said Jailynn needed help with her snack and she looked over at the teacher and said "Telly, Telly" I am so proud of Jailynn. Tomorrow is the last day of school though.

Yesterday I spoke to the supervisor with transportation about my concern for the fall and the bus transportation. He said for me to contact him at the end of July, that's when they will be doing the schedule. I need Jailynn to have no more than 1 hour ride on way.

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Jessie said...

Wuff Foo...that is so cute.