Thursday, June 18, 2009

Home from vacation

We went to Ocean City this week. jailynn was getting over being sick and was a total crab the first two days. She didn't seem like my sweet daughter at all. By yesterday day 3 she finally turned back into my sweet little girl. It was too cold and windy to enjoy the beach. jailynn wasn't wanting kiddie rides. Maybe next year?

I received an email from the reporter from the Dundalk Eagle. She is going to call me and do another follow up article about Jailynn. I am planning on doing a Friendly's Fundraiser night to raise money for the Hemispherectomy Foundation and I am hoping she will had that to the article.

While on vacation I taught Jailynn to say "play". She will sit on the floor and ask you to play or scoot off the couch to get to the floor to get her toys and say play. It is very cute.

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