Thursday, June 25, 2009


Jailynn's Kennedy Kreiger home therapist started back today. Someone else came with her to do the eval. Her therapist thinks she regressed a bit with her walking, mostly confidence and stability. I agree. Hopefully now Jailynn will get back up st speed with how she was a month or so ago. She wants someone to hold her hand all the time now and acts scared most of the time if you let go. We all know she can walk independently she was doing it for months.

Her Kennedy speech therapist will be new for us and she comes Monday. Her Kennedy OT is on vacation and should be calling us soon. Her infants and toddlers OT had ordered a beink splint before Jailynn turned 3, the order was messed up and we finally received it today in the mail. The thumb part is too long thought. The therapist is coming to check it and fix it this coming week.

Jailynn should start June 29th with Extended school year services, she is only getting 1 hour Pt and 1 hour OT. I called the school today because we have gotten no word about when where and who is doing her therapy. All the school IEP office lady could tell me was that it would be at home and someone should call. I asked when should I expect a call and from whom. She said she has no idea.... great right!?

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