Saturday, April 4, 2009

bad haircut

Jailynn had a haircut today. Well only a bang trimming. we did not wanto get her hair cut in a bob this time. I want to see it get long for a while. Also she wouldnt stay still so we couldnt do an all over hair trim. before surgery jailynn had been tolerating haircuts very very well. Now is a different story. she cried and swung her head around even when the lady was not touching her. Now her bangs look aweful. they are all uneven and too short. I wish I had not got them cut at all.


Hollis said...

Hollis's hair right now looks very similar to Liam Gallagher from Oasis in the mid-90s. That's thanks to Mom trying to take care of the hair at home because H is such a nightmare at a salon! It is so much easier when it's longer: ponytail, done. Good news is hair grows quick for the little ones!

Jessie said...

Hey Holly! Jessie's new brace isn't necessarily easier to wear, but it is much less bulky and heavy. They wouldn't let her go to it until after she had been in therapy for a long time. Not sure what they were looking for. Looking forward to seeing you guys this summer. Cris