Wednesday, April 15, 2009

jailynn being a scary monster

Please read my last small post too. I am anxiously awaiting an update on Srikars surgery. This is a short video of jailynn being a scary monster. I had to egg her on to get her to keep doing it when I record. You will hear eventually she starts saying cheese. She knows exactlly what a camera is, so its hard to get video. She will just stop to pose. That is her daddy with her and my loud voice is in the background too. She loves to get a reaction by scaring us. the cane she is carrying is a old white cane of my husbands (he is blind) he removed one section of it to make it shorter so she could play with it. she liked to take his. She does NOT need it to walk she just likes to pretend to be daddy and likes to bang it on the floor.

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