Monday, April 20, 2009


I had bought Jailynn 2 pairs of shoes at payless. She has a new afo and needed new shoes. I had to buy 2 different sizes. well after thinking about how much i paid for payless shoes I decided not to put them on her and try Nodstroms. They have a reputation for being the only place who will sell you two different sizes as a pair.

I do not know why I didnt just buy from there in the past. It would save me a bunch of frustration. The sales person at Nordroms did all the work for me. She ened up with white and blue Nike shocks. They are cute and she can walk well in them. The New Balnace's they had there did not fit her with the brace. We ended up with a size 8 for right foot and 9 for left foot.

I will definately go back.

I also found out today in the City School System, they will not allow Jailynn to have summer services if she has an IEP in place before she turns 3. So as long as we wait til June to sign it, They will have to give them to her. I have this from a VERY reputable source. I want her to have summer services to help prepare her for school. I feel like stopping therapy for the whole summer will make her regress.


Hollis said...

The 2 different size shoes are such a pain in the neck! We went through that for many years! For some reason, we're able to buy the same size now, but they are bigger than what she would wear if she had no AFO. If you are interested in the future, and want to keep just a single size pair, try these specially AFO suited shoes. They are great! Here's the website:

Jessie said...

Good Work on working the School System. Get everything that you can.