Friday, November 14, 2008

we have a surgery date

Well I am very persistant and I called kennedy krieger again today
and spoke to Jean Smoot, she said Jailynns neuropsych eval will be
december 15th and 16th, she is just trying to arrange the times
becase jailynn doesnt need a Pt eval becasue she already goes there
for PT. So i called diana and left a message, diana called me back
and i was noyt abale to grab my cell quick enough so she left me a
message saying the surgery will be January 22nd but she didnt say a
time, i know it will be a long surgery. she said she left a message
for Dr Jallos secreary to call me to give me an appt for dec15th or
16th. Pooor Jailynn is going to be exhausted. thats alot for her in 2
days to go through. Then the following day my husband has surgery.
We see Dr K. on dec 23rd. So i need an MRI appt for her now, diana is
waiting to talk to dr k about that next week.

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Jessie said...

Hi Holly,

We read this on the board today and were glad to hear that you got it scheduled. I know the wait and unknowns can be VERY frustrating.

Kind Regards,

Cris and Kristi