Tuesday, November 11, 2008

spoke too soon

So of course I jinxed it. jailynn had 2 seizures today while she was finishing up playing with her OT therapist at home. I had just walked into the room when it happened. I think it kinda scared the OT, she is a very soft spoken lady.

Still getting the run around from the hospital about pre-surgery appointments and an actual scheduled surgery date. Now all the sudden Jailynn's regularneurologist will not be back in the country until January 20th. I go back to school February 2nd. They are not listening/understanding that I really need it to be as soon in Jaunary as possible so I can be with my daughter through th hard time in the hospital. No way i will be in school while she is in ICU/PICU! I just dont understand with Jauary so close why none of the appointments have actually been booked. everything is tentative and up in the air. this is a hospital where there is always a long wait to get any kind of appointment... so why havent they set up Jailynn's so we will have them?! VERY FRUSTRATING!

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