Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I do not even know if i can coherently explain what is going on.

diana pilas took unitl a week or so ago to schedule Jailynns surgery.
I have been waiting since September for her to do so. It went from
Jan 15th to Jan 22nd because Dr K was going to be away. Now yesterday
i talked to the surgeons office and set up all of jailynns final
appointments. Today the surgeons office called to say they needed to
move Jailynns surgery to Jan 15th because the surgeon had to leave
early on jan 22nd to be in philadelphia The surgeon said if Dr k.
would agree to have a different neurologist fill in for him that we
could do the surgery without Dr K. Well after talking to Diana and
Dr K. he absolutely will not allow anyone else to fill in for him
because jailynn is HIS patient! saying it like she belongs to him,
with no sympathy for our situation. If jailynn cannot have a january
surgery we have to wait til may/june. I really do not like how
arrogant he was and how he showed no sympathy at all. Dr jallos
secreary (surgeon) was so nice and sympathetic. and come to find out
the surgeon and dr K are in town the begining of January, but the
surgeons schedule is full, Maybe if diana had tried to schedule teh
surgery in septmeber like she was suppossed to Jailynn could maybe
have gotten in the beginning of january. I am so angry, upset,
pissed whatever. I have been bawling. I really dislike Dr K because
of his arrogance now to the point i kinda want a different neuro. I
feel in my heart that this surgery is SUPPOSSED to happen in january
and when i get these intense gut feelings i am normally right, like
when he wanted to cancel her VEEG. jailynn has been having seizures
lately and i really wanted the surgery soon to prevent us increasing
her depakote, cause it has some nasty risks. i am so distraught i
dont know what to do and i cannot calm down at all

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