Saturday, November 8, 2008

so far so good

Jailynn has been doing well. I think that speech therapy is really making a difference. jailynn is learninga little bit of sign and the words are coming with it.
She just started calling our dog Noel, NICE, i think this comes from me making her pet Noel while I said Nice, Nice, Nice, cause i want her not tp pet so hard. So now she calls our dog Riley by his name and Noel Nice instead of calling both dogs "iley" Today she put a good R in there and it sounded just like Riley.
She says mom alot too. and i think she really takes notice that I am not here during the day because when I am here she is always wanting me. It cute but sometimes when i really need to be doing something else she wills cream and scream for me. 2 year old tantrums...

We took her to Storyville at a local library today. It is for kids 5 and under and it is a whole little town with houses and stores and a special area for toddlers and one for babies and it incorporates age appropriate books and toys it is awesome. you could goodle it ( baltimore county public library storyville) and find it. I definately wanna take her back. and we got her a first library card and they gave her a little backpack, it looked so cute with her wearing it with her glasses on!
We have really been trying to make sure she wears the glasses as much as possible it is not an easy task!
So far no recent seizures either.

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