Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October be over

jailynns daddy Jason was in the Veteran's Hospital Thursday- Monday because of an abcess and he needed surgery. He's been in alot of pain and Jailynn and I missed him so much. We are very glad he is home. Jason is feeling better and better with each dressing change the pain is getting less.

When he got Jailynn from her room after her nap she possibly had a seizure and threw up. She has threw up 2 more times. Now she is laying on daddys lap trying to fall asleep and intermitently crying.

I talked to Jailynns Infant and toddler program coordinator and she scheduled a home visit and after that she will schedule a phone confrence call with the school system and then they will schedule a meeting to do an IEP for Jailynn(probably march).

I also called Diana( the coordinator or the hemispherectomy surgery) and she called back, she is trying to set up Jailynn's Neuropsych evaluation for surgery pre-op for december 15th and 16th ( i will not be in college then because of winter break). So she should be calling me back. She has not found out if January 15th will be okay for surgery because the surgeon is on vacation right now.

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