Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Great Strides

Jailynn has been making great progress with walking! She is still very wobbly. She kin reminds of a crab and a duck at the same time :-) She is getting very good at turning and starting and stopping. She still truns mostly to the rigth (her good side) but sometimes she will go left. Her physical therapist is really working hard on pulling up to stand and she is starting to get it. She just cant do it all on her own yet. It will open up the world to her. We better bay proof somemore soon! She is showing interest in pulling up in her crb when i go in the morning to get her, so I raised the rails.She has started speech therapy but has only had 2 visits, he therapist cancelled yesterday. I was really bummed cause I wanted to meet her this time. Jailynn has started saying "up" on her own, but it means many things not just up.
No seizures that I know of lately. Her dad and I have really noticed the change in her since her keppra was increased. she gets so tired within a half hour of getting it and cranky!!! I don't like this. I am also afriad anyday now her "honeymoon" on this dose will end...

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