Tuesday, July 29, 2008

V-EEG scheduled

I received a call from John Hopkins today, jailynn is scheduled fro her
Video EEg December 15-22nd. That is when I will be on break from colleg
and will be able to be with her the whole week. Her seizures are not
frequent enough to need to do it asap. her docotr said that is fine.
she hasnt had any seizures that we know of in a week i think, i dont
have my "calender" in front of me. Its gonna break my heart to have to
watch her seize, to make it happen on purpose. I hope they can get
enough info in less than one week. it is so close to christmas too. My
husband also is trying to get his shoulder suregry around that time so
i will be available to help him take care of the Jailynn while he

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