Saturday, August 16, 2008

excited about tomorrows meeting!

Today Jailynn was pretty good in the afternoon but at dinner time she got real fussy wouldnt eat much or drink her milk. the only thing calming her is walking around the house with daddy. Im not sure whats bothering her. maybe her teeth?
For some reason all the sudden she screams when we put her in her swing outside. she has loved it. she will walk to it pat the seat and say up. but the minute you buckle her in she screams....
its almost her bedtime.

Tomorrow we are meeting a mom Sara and her daughter who has had a hemispherectomy. She is younger than jailynn I think. WE are having lunch with them and their family at the Harbor. I am so excited because this mom said her daughter did not lose function in the left side of her body when she had the right half of the brain removed. most kids become partially paralyzed (hemiplegia). This is inspiring to me. I am hoping Jailynn would have the same experience, since Jailynns brain has been damaged since birth I am hoping her right side as already taken over the left side of the body!

I cant wait til tomorrow

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