Thursday, August 14, 2008


So Jailynn is now on depakote. Today is the last day that she is taking the diazapam(instead of ativan). The depakote is in a capsule that we have to opena nd sprinkle in applesauce. 1/2 a capsule this week twice a day and next week a whole capsule twice a day. I am calling her neurologist on monday to see if he is going to take her off one of her other meds or leave her on 3. I wonder with the depakote how long her honeymoon phase will last. I am really wanting to pursue surgery now. I want her to be med and seizure free, so they meds will not slow down her learning and make her so tired. I am just wondering how much a toll the surgery will take on her. each child is so different. Talking to other parents helps but you still never know how your child and yourself will handle it. I am pretty calm now but what about surgery day and after that!? I think I will fall apart! When I think about it I imagine my little girl in a bed with her head shaved and sticthed up and it breaks my heart. She is too young to understand it and why it is happening to her. I think the rehab will be hard on her too. She is not mentally old enough to explain this too her.

Its so hard because no one can tell us wjhat the right thing is and no one can make this decision for us.

So far on the depakote and diazapam I have not seen any seizures. She has also been in a better mood.

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Anonymous said...

My name is Craig Hannah and i would like to show you my personal experience with Ativan.

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Side Effects :
None.....Miracle drug...onset of 20/30 minutes, peak of 1 to 3 will erase your memory if u take it in large doses...made that mistake once..Been on and off of it since 2001. I don't get addictive to it. I only take .05 2 x a day for controlling High Blood Pressure, Anxiety and IBS..I sometimes can get away with breaking the 0.5mg down into 4 equal doses.

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