Thursday, July 1, 2010


Well Jailynn finally was able to try a dance class. it was at a different dance school. Jailynn had a good time but on her own terms. She really paid no attention to the dance teacher. She was more fascinated with the environment. The big mirrored wall was a big hit. She did let the teacher put a Belle costume in her and carried around a fake rose smelling it. We may keep going for the 6 weeks to see if Jailynn will start to pay attention. I have to talk to the teacher first because it was unbearibly hot there and no fans or air conditioning. If that is always the case we cannot go it is just too hot! If this works out and she "gets it" We may sign her up for the dance school yera but at a different place that I found closer to home.

Jailynn made a new friend named Addi at summer school. They both get very excited when they see each other. The first day Jailynn went right up to her and got in her face and grabbed her hand too say hi. Luckily that did not upset or frighten Addi. Addi has speech difficulty and wears 2 AFO's and glasses so she has some things in common with Jailynn. They are so cute playing with each other. It just melts my heart!

Another hemi surgery parent that we met lat year at the reunion called me yesterday. She was looking for some info that unfortunately I didnt have. She did ask about jailynn and the family. Then she told me she remember me well and that I was an inspiration to her because of how much was going on in my life and stress... having a hemi child, school full time and a blind husband ect... and she said that I was vibrant and handled it well. It was such a wonderful and amzing compliment. It made me feel really good!

Tomorrow is session 3 of hippotherapy!

Jailynn now says "I'm mad" and "ay-yah" which i think is an expression of frustration or anger that she learned from the characters in the cartoon Ni Hao Kai-Lan that teaches chinese.
I am trying to update more!


Kelly said...

I agree with the other hemi parent, except I include your husband in the category of amazing. Both of you seem to deal so well with all of the obstacles put in front of you, and still you move forward and have that 2nd baby. When I met you I knew I would like you because we tend to have the same attitude and stength to keeping moving on. LOVE you guys.

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