Friday, June 25, 2010

eye doctor

Jailynn saw her eye doctor today. Her prescription stayed the same. Jailynn was upset by the eye drops of course and did not like having her eyes examined after the drops did their job. She has always beenvery uncooperative at the eye doctor. Still she did a little better this time. She is becoming such a big girl. They doctor was pleasantly surprized to see has much she has grown and hear her improved speech oh and to meet baby brother!

A dance school returned my call so we will go try it on Tuesday. Now i have to reschdule her brace appoinment to a different day. The dance class is only 6 weeks long and start Tuesday. We can always schedule the brace appt for Friday.

We want to work on potty training this summer. I am just afraid too much will be going on. Also with summer school I am not sure how much the staff will do with it. I want to put her on the potty every 30 mins or hour maybe. I cannot wait until she can use the potty, evebn thoiugh I know it may eb a long time. I pray by kindergarten but I know she will be successful when her body and brain are ready.


Araceli Sandoval (Brianna and Hailey's mommy) said...

Oh I have been waiting for Jailynn updates for ever! None came then I stopped checking for a little and today I thought "hey maybe today is the day" and wow was I plesantly surprised to see a few updates! thanks so much for updating. Wow she is a big girl shes precious. Congrats on the new baby boy :)
I will check up on Jailynn soon hope there will be more updates closer together :)

mr.muhammad.safdar said...

Cute babies pictures , best of luck

Harriet Dev said...

I have to have regular eyetests myself and know how much the drops sting your eyes! I just want to say what a brave little girl you have.

Herman yanuar said...

so sweet.. I like

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lonewarrior said...

best of luck!!.. and never let your spirit down.. :)

Unknown said...