Friday, July 30, 2010

new brace and hippotherapy pics

Here are some pics of Jailynn riding Snickers on Monday. She rode side saddle for awhile! she loves going fast (which is really not that fast) but it makes her bob up and down and she thinks it is so fun! I am sad thinking about the end of summertime because when school starts there is no way to make it fit in our schedule, plus I am not sure how late in the day the therapist works and the earliest we could get there would be maybe 4:30?

I also put a picture of Jailynn and Camden in her crib. Jason put him in there caus ewe were trying to convince her to get up from her nap. Camden thought it was the coolest!

And also Jailynn's new shoes, Answer2 is the brand and her hinged AFO. The shoes are huge! Jailynn has a prefab Pattibob insert in her right shoe now and she is not happy about it. She fights us a little about putting the shoes on but she is getting used to it.