Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pictures and AFO's

Jailynn saw Dr Sponsellor today. He gave us a prescription for a new AFO. We are trying a hinged this time. I asked him what would be best and he said to try a hinged one. He said Jailynn does not need an orthotic in her other shoe. He said the 2 downsides to a hinged one is they take up more room in shoes, cue me crying at the shoe store ugh! and two they do not last as long/ durability. I hope this works our for Jailynn. We have an appointment for Tuesday the 29th to have her AFO made well to be casted that is.
Her are some requested pictures... Kelly :-)

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Kelly said...

Camden is a CUTIE! We may have to drive up to visit with you guys just to squeeze both of them. Jailynn is definitely growing up! Love her feeding that big old horse.