Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dance Class wasted

Yesterday we drove over an hour to Westminster for a dance class. The studio was offeing free trial classes for special needs classes that would include an OT in class. I had spoke to 1 of the 2 owners last month about it. I doubled checked the webiste yesterday morning for the address and right at the top it still adverstised the classes. Well we get there at 4:40 and no one is there, doors are locked and the answering machine is on. I called and left at message at both numbers available. I also sent an email after waiting 20 mins and leaving. Well last night the owner emails me back that she is sorry but they decided to cancel the class due to lack of interest. I wasted time gas and mileage on my car 43 miles one way! Plus I made my 2 children sit in the car for over 2 hours for nothing! She offered that we could come next month for a class or two to try for free, but I dont know that I want to do it now. It is so far and I am so mad. Also we are already going to be making the commute 1-2 times a week for hippotherapy and that is 42 miles one way.

I will keep looking for dance closer to home. jailynn loves music.

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Kelly said...

Why do you need a special class? Abby took dance without any assistance, and I think it was therapy itself. Definitely find something closer to home. BTW - looking for pics of both Jai and Cam PLEASE.

Miss you guys.