Friday, December 5, 2008

waiting it out

Jailynn has continued to vomit 1 time a day or every other day usually during nap time.
Her neuro called me back last week and said to just wait it out for another week and then if we are still concerned to cut back to her old dose.
I am wondering why hasnt he said to have her levels checked? or cut the dose to a lower one instead of going back to the old dose and seizures maybe decrease the new dose a little but not as low as it was before. you kno wplay with the dose until we get it right. i really feel like he is not caring about the seizure control as much since her surgery is scheduled, but i dont want her to suffer until february, i want to do what we can while we wait for surgery,

we do see her neuro on dec 23rd, i pray i will have the coaurage to say to him what i really want to say and say it politely, sometimes i back down a little too much when i talk to him and this time i want to make him listen to me and not brush me off.

we are going for try number 2 tomorrow at 9 am for christmas pictures for jailynn. i pray she is not crabby and cooperates. we should not have a wait because we have the 1st appt of the morning. when shes not grouchy she takes great pics. she loves saying cheese.
She is doing very well with speech therapy, im so glad she has a speech therapist, im glad i fought for it.

also does anyone give gifts to the therapists? i feel like i want to, any ideas?

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Hollis said...

A gift idea for your therapists and not too terribly expensive - travel size antibacterial hand gel, so when they get done with the germy kid before yours, you can get (hopefully) disinfected hands! bath and body works often has them on sale at this time of year. ; )